5 Benefits You Gain with Offsite Backups

5 Benefits You Gain with Offsite Backups

Disasters can strike a business at any time. Many business owners fail to prepare themselves from the devastating effects of data loss or employee sabotage. With viruses and malware becoming more sophisticated and easier to get, your business operations are threatened. We see it time and time again, an employee of a business using unsafe email and web browsing and accidentally downloading a virus to their computer and the virus corrupts the entire organization’s data and brings the business to a screeching halt.

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Your business needs to need be prepared for disaster recovery. It’s not a matter of IF you’ll need it, but WHEN. Every good disaster recovery plan includes offsite backups. It’s not enough to have a backup system only at your office. What if a tornado wipes out your building? What if there is a fire that destroys everything? Or flood?

Hardware can easily be replaced, but a company’s data cannot. Here are 5 benefits you gain with offsite backups.

Backup Automation

A major benefit of remote backup is that it can be automated. Your files are updated on a daily basis, or you can set a schedule for when your data backs up offsite (such as after hours, overnight). Because these solutions work over the Internet, you will be able to recover files quickly. Beyond that, the servers that offer this solution are often located in numerous locations, which ensures that your backups are always available, even if one server crashes.

Reduced Workload

Traditional backup solutions require a person, whether you or an IT professional or an employee, to manually back up or copy files. Because these processes are highly automated, if they are conducted in-house, there is need to take time and manually change backup media. If you go with remote backup, you won’t have to spend time changing backup media or worrying about locating where it is stored. This will save you time.

Pain-free Setup

No need to worry about paying a fortune to setup offsite backups. In general, the setup of offsite backups requires very little configuration and setup needed. Typically offsite backups can be setup in under 30 minutes, so you can rest assured you don’t have to break the bank to get this functionality in your business.

Secure, Encrypted Backups

Any reputable offsite backup provider will ensure your data is securely stored offsite. This is accomplished by using advanced encryption tools to ensure data security. Not only is the storage of your offsite backup secure, but the transmission of the data from your office to the offsite storage is all secure and encrypted.

Save Money

If you have numerous computers with large amounts of data that you back up regularly, you know that physical storage solutions can be costly. The majority of remote backup solutions are billed on a monthly-basis and support a near unlimited amount of backup space. If your company operates in an industry where backups are mandatory, or you have a large amount of files to back up, these options will save you money.

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